I Wrote About Writing – Again

Once more I wrote about writing again. This time it’s an article about how I write conversations. You can read it here. Somehow I’ve ended up on the Article Team for Mythic Scribes, and that’s why I don’t post that much about how I write on here. Then again, I probably reach more people on that page than I’d do here, so it’s not that big a deal – and I can still post as much as I want about my own writing here.

Those of you who have read Emma’s Story, will know I use a lot of conversations in my writing, and I order to make that work, I need to do a fair bit of planning, so the conversations don’t just veer off all over the place. This article is about that.

I’m also using an example from Emma’s Story in the article. It’s from the fifth chapter, so it’s nearly halfway through the story. Originally, I tried to create a new conversation from scratch in order to best show off the techniques I’m using. This worked well for the first two stages of the process, but the final conversation didn’t quite have any life to it, so I scrapped it and went with a live example instead.

Who knows, maybe it’ll encourage some people to check out the story? I hope it does.

And finally, to break up the text, here’s a bit of sound and colour:

I Wrote About Writing – Again

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