Stories In Music

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to pick out music for my mix sets lately, and then the other day I came upon the idea of writing a story to go along with the set.

When talking about DJ:ing it’s often mentioned how the DJ takes the crowd on a journey through sounds an music. Why not view it as a story?

Listening to music almost always fills my head with images and emotions. It shouldn’t be difficult to use that to create a story, or at least a narrative of some sort. The tricky part will be to pick out music that provide the right kind of emotions and images, and that connect with the other tracks of the set.

Fortunately, that’s a really enjoyable task.

I have a few tracks selected already that I want to include, and I have a whole slew of other tracks that I’ve picked out for consideration. I need to cut down the numbers a little or the set will end up being several hours long, and probably rather disjointed as well.

The main track that I’m basing the set on is this:

It’s long and dark, and with a bit of a middle-eastern/oriental feel, and that’s the theme I want to go with for this particular set.

And then I need to figure out a story for it too.

Stories In Music

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