I’ve Been Tinkering With Music Again

I put together another mix-set:

I used to DJ fairly regularly when I was younger. I even lived in New York for a year and during that time I spun out nearly every week. Usually at goth/industrial parties and within the fetish scene, but I also played at some places focusing on more “traditional” types of dance music (house, techno, etc).

It is now several years since I DJ:ed in front of people. Sometimes I miss it, but not enough to put in the effort required to do it again. I still like the act of mixing two songs together though – matching up the beats and tweaking the levels into a nice transition between two tracks. It’s an amazing feeling when you pull it off just right and hit that perfect mix, when it all comes together and the beat just takes off.

I still have my decks and mixer set up out in the living room, but I don’t really use them anymore. I got a computer program to do it for me. That way I don’t have to worry (much) about matching up the beat and I can tweak the volume and EQ levels until the transition between the tracks is exactly as I want it.

What’s more: I can focus on the selection of music.

I’m spending a lot of time picking out the music for my sets. I want to use songs that work together, so that the set becomes more than just a sequence of tunes. I’m probably being pretentious, but I like to think of it as a soundtrack for my imagination.

I like to let my mind drift away with the music and I like it to keep drifting.

I want the music to support a journey of the mind. It’s fine if it swings back and forth a little, but too much and it gets confusing and distracting and the mind snaps back to reality again. That’s why I try to take care already when picking out what songs to include, long before I even start putting them together.

2015-07-28 21.11.00

The set I linked above started with the track Femme Ultime by Moshic. It’s a piece of dark progressive house and it’s a track I’ve known for quite some time. It’s in my playlist I used when I did a lot of night-time running. I tried to pick tracks that would support this and for which this track would be a natural culmination.

It didn’t quite work, but it still turned out pretty good. Rather than one long continuous journey, the set split into two. The first part, which is longer, is more mellow than dark, with a lot of atmospheric sounds and effects. It’s not until the last third of the set that the dark sounds really come into the mix. Here, the sounds get deeper and more eerie. It gets a little bit more intense.

For me, it still works really well, even if it’s not exactly what I had first envisioned. If you have the time, give it a listen, even if you’re not normally into electronic dance music you may still enjoy it.

I’ve Been Tinkering With Music Again

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