Chapter 8 Now Live

The 8th chapter of Emma’s Story can be found here. If you haven’t read the previous chapters you can find them all linked from the Stories page.

This week’s chapter came out fairly easy. What was tricky was making the decision to end it where I did. Originally I had planned on including quite a bit more, but it turned out to be too much. I wouldn’t have been able to finish it in time, and the chapter would have become very long.

One the one hand, I’m not moving the story along as far as I would have wished, but on the other hand, this feels like a more natural chunk of story content. The chapter is about the same length as most of the previous ones, and it’s contains one set of naturally connected events.

In short, I think I made the right decision when ending it where I did. 

I hope you will enjoy it, and please feel free to leave comments if there’s something that’s unclear or if you find any errors in spelling or grammar that I have missed. There’s bound to be some, and it’s really exciting to get feedback (even if it’s just a spelling error).

Chapter 8 Now Live

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