I Got Older

It was my birthday just the other day. It was great. I made a cake.

Oreos & Nutella Cheesecake. It’s good for your soul.

I need to work on my lettering, but other than that I’m happy with how it turned out. I even got the layering right this time, and that hasn’t happened before.

Overall I had a great birthday. Due to some recent complications in my vacation planning I have had a whole lot of extra holiday freed up, and I got reminded I could take half a day off from work and go to the pub to have a pint and write – so I did.

The writing went well. I finished the introduction to the sixth chapter. It was a bit of a challenge, but it’s now good enough I can move on to the action. That part is both easier and more challenging. It’s easier in that I don’t need to worry about what’s happening as that’s already planned out, but it’s more difficult as I’m not all that familiar with the emotions and how they manifest in the body. I don’t want to ramp up the intensity too fast, and I don’t want to be too subtle. It’s a tricky balancing act – but it’s a lot of fun.

I received a very encouraging comment from my beta reader. The anfylk race in my setting are basically a variation of hobbits. They were originally even called hobbits, but as that word is trademarked I decided to swap it over to something else and eventually came up with the word anfylk.

Now, the anfylk aren’t exact copies of Tolkien’s hobbits. They may look like it at a glance, but under the surface there are plenty of differences that set them apart. I asked D about something that’s mentioned in the fifth chapter and the response included the following sentence (I hope you don’t mind I’m quoting you straight up):

“I’m used enough to it [because I think of them as *your* hobbits] that I don’t even think twice about that kind of thing.”

Now, I may be reading too much into it, because I really want to, but it kind of feels like this confirms that the anfylk have an identiy of their own. They’re not just cheap hobbit copies anymore – at least not to someone who’s gotten to know them. I’ve hoped and imagined that this would be the case, but it’s still very encouraging to hear it.

As if that’s not enough, someone else just started reading the first draft of Enar’s Vacation. This fact in itself is exciting to me, but this time it’s extra special. The person reading provided a lot of inspiration for the character Amanda, and I’m really excited to hear what she has to say about it (the character, the story, everything).

Yes, she knows there’s a bit of her in the character, but that doesn’t make me any less nervous about it – rather the opposite.

I Got Older

3 thoughts on “I Got Older

  1. I’m fasting right now, and that cake looks absolutely delicious. I can feel my stomach rumbling lol. Your novel sounds interesting, how far is it from completion? I’ve followed and I’ll be sure to check out some of your other posts. I’m a fellow writer myself and would love to get your feedback on some of my posts if you have time. I’m working on a novel currently and I post short stories on my blog. If not, thanks anyway, have fun writing and keep it up :)

    1. The first draft of the novel is completed and waiting to be edited. It’s a fantasy romance, and I’m hoping to have it published before the end of the year.
      I’ve followed your blog, to see what pops up there. Time is, as always, an issue though, but I’ll at least try and have a look when something new goes up. Best of luck with the writing, and have fun. :)

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