Third Chapter of Emma’s Story now available

You can read it here.

I guess I should point out that I’ll be putting up the entire first draft of the story here on the blog. I’m not going to give away just the first few chapters and then ask whoever wants to read the rest to pay for it.

That said, this is the first draft. It won’t be perfect and there will be changes to it. Once it’s done, I’ll get it edited and polished and then release it as an ebook. I haven’t decided if I’ll release it for free or if I’ll charge a price for it, but if I do decide to sell it, it won’t be expensive. It is, after all, not a very long story. On top of that, it’s meant to support my novel – once that’s finally ready to be released – so I won’t want to scare people off with a big price tag.

Be that as it may. I’ll worry about it later. First I’ll have to actually write the story – and edit the novel.

Third Chapter of Emma’s Story now available

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