Emma’s Story – First Chapter Available

I just finished the first chapter of Emma’s Story, and I uploaded it to the blog. You can read it here. It’s just shy of 3,000 words.

It’s the first draft, and it will be tweaked and edited, but I consider it to be in a readable state. I already have concerns about parts that will need to be changed, but I’m leaving that until the entire story is written. That way I’ll have a better understanding of my characters and how they behave and react in different situations.

There’s no point in changing too much before it’s done. Writing the story will let me get to know the characters better, and regardless of what changes I make now, I will still have to change things up again later anyway – so I’ll just move on from here and fix things in the second draft instead.

If you take the time to read it, please leave a comment and let me know how you feel about it. Next chapter should be ready in one to two weeks.

Emma’s Story – First Chapter Available

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