And So A New Story Begins

I’ve finally finished the outline for Emma’s Story and I’ve started working on the first draft.

Just as I was about to begin, I had this idea of using two different narrative styles for the story. For important conversations and character interactions, I’ll use a third person point of view, focused on Emma herself – same as I did in Enar’s Vaction and in every other story I’ve written (more or less).

For everything else, I’ll use fairy tale style narration.

Second version, from my dirty ol' laptop.
Second version, from my dirty ol’ laptop.

This is an experiment, and I don’t know how it will work out, but it seems like fun, so I’ll give it a go. My hope is that the fairy tale narration will give me the opportunity to infuse the story with a sense of magic and wonder. My worry is that swapping back and forth between two styles will be jarring to the reader and throw them out of the story.

I’ve written the first two scenes and started on the third, but I’m not yet ready to share them here. I still haven’t settled on how the fairy tale narration will work and I need some time to test out a few different styles. Instead, I took a picture of my laptop showing the first few paragraphs. It’s by no means finalized, but it’ll give you an idea of what I’m going for.

On a completely unrelated note: for my laptop I use a program called f.lux. It adjusts the color of the screen depending on whether it’s night or day. In the day, the screen looks just like normal, but as it gets darker outside, the screen shifts to softer, warmer colors, instead of the glaring bright white. It’s pretty sweet.

And So A New Story Begins

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