Musing On Story Structure

I keep chipping away at that dialogue outline I’m working on. This will probably be the most important scene in the entire story. All of the previous scenes set up for it, and it’s here my character comes together. From here on, we know Emma well enough that the story can go from figuring out who she is, to seeing what she does – if that makes any sense at all?

In an earlier post I talked about how I would try to use the Japanese/Asian four act structure (Kishōtenketsu) for my story. I don’t know that I’m pulling it off, but then the whole idea of story is something I’m struggling with still.

Either way, Kishōtenketsu is based on four acts: introduction, development, twist, and reconciliation. The scene I’m working on at the moment will be where introduction ends and development begins, or so it seems right now at least.

In this case, it seems the introduction will be the longest part, closely followed by development. The twist and reconciliation acts will both be rather short, but I think that’s kind of my style. It’s how I do things. I like setting things up.

I’m not so good with the payoff though. I don’t do spectacular very well. It scares me. What if it’s not cool or awesome enough? What if it’s not as exciting as it ought to be? I think I’m more comfortable with just lighting the fuse than the resulting explosion.

Emma and Trula talking about...
Emma and Trula talking about…
Musing On Story Structure

2 thoughts on “Musing On Story Structure

  1. Very interesting. The concept of kishōtenketsu is one of those things I learn about, think is incredibly cool, and then promptly forget, so thank you for reminding me of its existence. (Here’s hoping it sticks this time.)

    1. It’s pretty interesting isn’t it. I haven’t studied it in any depth, but I’ve read a few articles about it and I’ve seen it discussed on forums etc. It seems to be associated with the idea of “story without conflict” which is something that in itself is quite intriguing. :)

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