On The Matter Of Reason And Purpose

Originally, I’d thought to call this post “What’s The Point?” but I decided against it. It feels way too dramatic for what it is. I’ve really just been musing on why I’m writing this blog.

But first, tonight’s music:

I only recently discovered Johnny Blue, but I’ve come to really appreciate his DJ sets. They’re relaxed, without being sleepy, and yet you could still dance to them – if by dancing, you mean standing around while nodding your head and shifting your weight from one leg to another. In other words, it’s great music for lazy afternoons in the sun.

Now then, what was that about purpose of this blog then?

When I started, all I really knew was that it would be nice to have a blog for when my novel eventually, finally, gets released. I didn’t know what I wanted the blog to be about, but I figured writing would be quite central. I also figured that if I just got started and wrote regularly, the blog would take on a purpose eventually.

Today, or possibly yesterday, I took a step closer to figuring it out. I want my blog to be about the joy and passion of writing. I want to share my feelings and experiences as I write my stories and I hope that maybe I’ll inspire someone else to start writing – or get back to it, or keep it up when they’re unmotivated.

That’s what I’d like to do. I want to share my joy, and hope it’s infectious enough that others want to have a go as well. It’s not like it’s actually hard to write. The hard part is to sit down and do it, and maybe I can push someone a little closer to doing just that.

It would make me happy.

I’ll keep posting about other random things as well. Walks I go on, beers I drink, random thoughts I come across – the usual stuff. The blog isn’t going to change, it’s just that now I have a decent answer for if someone asks me what my blog is about.

Another scene from the mobile office. This time at The Oval.
Another scene from the mobile workplace. This time at The Oval.

In other news. I settled for a direction for the “girl talk” scene I mentioned in my last post. There’s going to be a fair hint of possible romantic tension between Emma and Trula. I want to try for the kind that they’ll both be blissfully oblivious of, but that is at the same time really obvious for an outside observer (the reader).

The two won’t hook up or form a relationship before the story ends, but if I get it right, the reader will consider it a possibility. I’m still undecided myself. It’s a new development and it’s definitely and interesting option to consider.

The summer anfylk, to which both Emma and Trula belong, have a rather “conservative” view of same sex relationships. Both girls will have been brought up to share that view. It’d be an interesting challenge to try and write the story of them hooking up together and dealing with their own internal prejudices against what they share, but I’m not sure I’m quite up for taking it on just yet.

I’m fairly confident in my writing skills, but I’m not sure I’m quite that confident just yet. It seems awfully complicated. Sometimes I wish I was more interested in writing action adventure with lots of explosions and dragons and other cool stuff like that.

On The Matter Of Reason And Purpose

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