Girl Talk

It had to happen eventually. Things got complicated and now I have to write a specific outline for a piece of conversation. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

I was doing pretty well, and then I got to the point where Emma and Trula are due to have a bit of a girl-to-girl talk. Trula, btw, is a supporting character in which Emma confides her fears and worries about Torkel, the man everyone expects her to marry.

At first, the plan was to just get Emma drunk and have her pour her heart out to Trula, but as I began writing, other ideas began to intrude on the plan. Notably: what if Emma and Trula hit it off? Like, really hit it off together – the way two respectable summer fylk women really aren’t supposed to.

I could do that, and the events of the rest of the story could still play out the same way I’ve already planned it. The only significant change would be in Emma’s head, and possibly in the head of the reader. I needn’t even go anywhere with it. I could just open for the potential option. It could be interesting.

A few other ideas also showed up, less impactful, and less significant, but still interesting enough that they’re worth considering. So back to the drawing board it is. Figure out what will happen and then outline the conversation that leads to it. I’ll get to it, but not today – too tired.

I thought I had it all figured out, but I guess I was wrong.

This morning brought coffee.
This morning brought coffee.
Girl Talk

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