Another Wednesday Off

The other day I figured out how to include Mixcloud widgets in my blog posts. I haven’t really had anything to share since then, and I felt that writing a post just to try it out would be overdoing it a bit.

Now then, here it is. The set above is what I’ve started my working days with the last few days. It’s pretty laid back, but with a steady beat that keeps chugging along. It gets the day in motion. For those of you (yeah, I know it’ just one person) who’ve read Enar’s Vacation, this is the kind of music Amanda enjoys – probably on a rainy day with a cup of coffee.

In other music related notes, I’m thinking of picking out five songs for my character Emma, similar to what I did for Alene a while back. So far I’ve only come across one track that really fits the bill though, the song Chrome, by VNV Nation.

It came to me today, just when I left the cafe after my Wednesday-morning writing session. I put on my headphones and pressed play, and the first thing I hear is “I’m still talking and you’re not listening.

Those words fit just perfectly with what I’d been writing. Emma is trying to explain to Torkel why she’s uncertain about marrying him, and while he says he’ll show her he can be a good husband, he just doesn’t seem to get it.

2015-05-20 11.20.09
Tools of the trade. My laptop and my pint. Picture from the Mutton Lane, Cork.

Presently, I’m happy with how the story is progressing. It follows the outline I’ve laid out, but as always, there’s wiggle room between the lines. Burje is taking a step back in the story and doesn’t really have much to do or say. Emma is turning out a bit stronger and more forceful than I’d first anticipated. I’m fine with this, quite happy about it actually. It gives the story a little more punch, which is something I’ve been a bit concerned with.

Like I mentioned in another post a while back, Emma isn’t really doing anything to further the story. She isn’t an actor and the story is mainly about how she reacts to event taking place outside of her control.

Supposedly, this isn’t how it’s done.

You’re meant to have active characters who take command and driver the plot forwards. The characters aren’t meant to just drift along with the river of the story; they’re meant to steer their little boat through the rough waters, narrowly avoiding disaster at every turn and finally bringing their passenger to safety – or something like that.

Emma doesn’t, but at least now she’s paddling against the stream trying to get to shore. She won’t make it, but, well, tough. That’s how the story goes. I guess I’m a bit Swedish like that.

Another Wednesday Off

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