Over the Hills and Far Away

Yesterday, I walked a marathon.

2015-05-13 15.11.31I didn’t do it all in one go, but took several breaks and made stops for taking pictures and looking at the scenery. I even made a stop at a little pub about halfway to have lunch. Still, I walked over forty two kilometers and it left its mark.

I’m still really tired today. I haven’t done much at all – a little bit of writing, a little bit of gaming, two naps, breakfast. There’s just no energy to get things done.

2015-05-13 13.42.36

It doesn’t really help that my arm and shoulder hurts again. Yesterday, before the walk, I had physiotherapy again. It does help in the long run, but I’m supposed to rest my arms and shoulders after it, hence the long walk.

Walking is fine. The swinging motion of the arms when walking is supposedly good for me – so I walk. It’s a good thing I enjoyed it, I just might have overdone it a little this time. I didn’t quite plan to walk this far in advance.

Sure, I’d checked out the roads in the area, and I knew they were there, but I didn’t think I’d actually walk all that way. The day was nice though, very nice. The countryside sparkled in the million living greens of spring and the only clouds to be seen kept themselves at the horizon. It was a day for walking.

2015-05-13 15.40.10Towards evening, after I’d stopped for food, the weather changed and the sky grew overcast. The wind picked up and the day started to get ready for night, and the rain that would later fall.

It didn’t matter much to me. I still had a far bit left to go, and I was rather tired. Less heat, and a few drops of light rain, kept me walking, and helped me keep my speed up.

2015-05-13 19.46.35The last hour went mostly on stubbornness and raw willpower. It’s also the most boring part of the route, and the one I’ve done most times in the past. It goes along two stretches of road that are both completely flat, completely straight, and span over a kilometer each. Fortunately only one of them is a long a highly trafficked road.

When I got home, the city was getting ready for evening. The parks were about to close and the street lights were on. I had some food and went straight to bed.

2015-05-13 20.51.39

  • Total distance: 42.74 km (26.1 miles)
  • Time: 6h 39m (not including a one hour stop for food)

Sure, I was walking, but I still did a marathon. I can do it again – I just don’t know that I can run it.

Over the Hills and Far Away

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