Near Disaster

That baking I mentioned in the previous post (cinnamon and almond sponge cake) turned out rather interesting in the end.

Last night, I measured up all of the ingredients needed. I put out all the tools and made sure all that remained was to just mix it all together and put it in the oven. It was a good plan.

At 04.30 am the alarm rings and I stumble up and turn on the oven and then back to bed to get a little more rest while the oven heats up. A little while later I notice that something smells odd – slightly burnt. It’s probably nothing. It’s probably just some leftover food on the bottom of the oven. I ought to clean it out some day.

The smell however, doesn’t go away.

I head out into the kitchen, open the oven door, and clouds of smoke blow up burst up in my face. That’s some rather dodgy leftovers in there. Slam the door shut, turn up the extractor fan on full blast and burst open the window.

Cold sweat. Panic.

The neighbors will not be happy if I start the fire alarm in the entire building before it’s even 5 am. Fortunately, there were no flames, but still a lot of smoke. Turn off the oven. Get dressed – in case I have to run around the house and assure everyone it’s not actually on fire.

Check the oven again, still smoking.

Deep breath, calm down. Have some yoghurt. I are a little to calm my nerves and relax and give the oven some time to cool down and maybe the smoke would go away. At least the smoke alarm hasn’t gone off yet. That’s a good sign, right?

Open the oven door again and check what’s really going on in there.

Turns out I’d left my oven mitt in there and then forgotten about it. Explains why I couldn’t find it earlier when looking for something to take out whatever was smoking in there. Mystery solved. I rip the oven mitt out, toss it in the sink and pour a lot of water on it.

Sure, in the end it turned out fine, but it could have ended rather badly. What if I’d decided the smell wasn’t anything to worry about and gone back to sleep? Would the thing have caught fire and burned down the house? Probably best not to worry about that. The oven mitt was probably inflammable anyway – probably. Was… it had all melted together inside so once it had cooled off sufficiently I tossed it away.

Then I put all the ingredients together and made the cake. It got a bit late, and I had to take a cab to get to work in time. That’s okay though. It meant I had the pleasure of serving my colleagues sponge cake fresh enough as to be still warm from the oven.

Near Disaster

3 thoughts on “Near Disaster

  1. Dani says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t burn the house down! Whew! (And the oven being on is just about the only thing I will turn around and go back to check, once I’ve left the house. No matter what.)

  2. Loni Townsend says:

    Egads! Yeah, good thing you didn’t dismiss it as nothing. At least things worked out well, so that in hindsight the event might seem humorous. And hey! You still got your sponge cake done! Did it taste pretty good?

    1. It tasted awesome, and was much appreciated.

      You’re right as well. Things like these are annoying and a little bit scary when they happen, but once it’s all over, they do make for good stories.

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