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In my next life I would like to be a cafe.

If I can’t be a cafe I’d like to be a big tree instead.

2015-05-09 16.52.16

I’ve always loved trees and forests. There’s something majestic and unknowable about the big forests and the trees in them. They hold so many secrets we can never know, and they’re so much older than we’ll ever be.

I miss the forests back home. They don’t have them like that over here. There are no great forests here that I know of – the kind where you can just walk and walk for hours and never get to the other side. Sure, the forests back home probably weren’t that big. There was always some field or some road or lake or trail coming along leading somewhere else and stopping the forest.

The forests back home aren’t endless, but when I was a kid, it felt like they were, and I miss that feeling.

Other Options

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