I’m Getting Better

The human body is a remarkable thing.

My arm is slowly getting better. It’s been a lot of up and down, but overall, it really is getting better. I do have another session of physiotherapy coming up, either this Wednesday or next, and after that I’ll probably hurt like hell again, but it should start getting better quite soon after that.

I’m mostly remembering my stretch and strength exercises and I do them several times a day, but it’s got to the point where I have to keep reminding myself about my posture. The neck and shoulder isn’t in constant pain anymore so they don’t remind me of their existence in the same way – meaning I slouch more than I should. That’s not so good.

Still, I’m improving and I’m able to sit down comfortably and write for half an hour after work now. I foresee there will be plenty of coffee in the near future.

The story is coming along well. I came upon an unforeseen twist yesterday and I’ve incorporated it into the outline. This in turn lead to another twist – which I hope will be fore the better – and the last parts of the story will hopefully be better for it. The end is still the same, although I’ve found a few optional tweaks I can give it, if I want to, and I probably don’t.

I’m Getting Better

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