Steps So Heavy

I went running again. It did not go well.

It’s been a while since last I ran at all, maybe a month, or a little over – just before I changed shifts. I’d had a long break and started up again, running a short distance (four kilometers) and did it fairly well. Then the shift change came and I stopped running because I couldn’t do it in the evening when it was dark anymore.

I didn’t stop exercising though. I’ve been walking instead, and I walk quite far. The other week I averaged ten kilometers a day, which I’d say is pretty good. These aren’t slow walks either. I try to push myself and walk fast, to make it a bit of a workout even if I’m just walking.

Keeping this in mind, I figured I’d be fine running my old fourteen kilometer track I used to run earlier this winter. I did it once a week and I did it quite easily. It should be fine, right?


Wrong, wrong, wrong…

The first few hundred meters felt great, but then my legs started getting heavy. Before I’d even reached the first kilometer mark I decided I’d cut the route short and make it five kilometers instead of fourteen. It’s not what my pride needed, but I seriously doubt I’d made the long route without stopping to walk – and that for sure would have been a blow to my pride (it’s a weak and fragile thing).

So I cut short, and I ran five kilometers on stiff and heavy legs. My time per kilometer was nearly a minute higher than what it was when I last went running a little over a month ago.

I figured all the walking would have helped, but I guess it’s a different kind of motion and maybe it strengthens the muscles in different ways.

Morning jog music.

Steps So Heavy

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