Emma’s Story

In the last post I gave an example of a short story I may potentially write. Well, guess what, I’m on the case.

I’ve been dawdling and thinking too much and it’s time to start working on something again. Also, my shoulder and arm are getting well enough that writing isn’t a constant pain anymore. It still hurts though, especially if I don’t stand up or take breaks often enough.

So, anyway, the story…

A bear shows up in Rastebo. The villagers fail to scare it away so they send for help from the other villages nearby. In the meantime, Torkel gets it into his head that Emma will be really impressed with him if he kills the bear on his own.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out at all, and the bear kills Torkel.

Eventually, the assembled locals drive the bear off and Emma hooks up with Torkel’s younger brother Egon.

That’s the gist of it. What remains is to figure out the answers to the following questions:

  • Why did Torkel really seek out the beer on his own.
  • What really went on between Emma and Torkel.
  • How did Emma and Egon end up together.

I also have to write the actual story, but that should be less of an issue once I know what happens, to whom, and why. That’s what I’m going to do now – in bed.

Yet another song that inspires me. This time it’s the lyrics. I don’t speak Faroese at all, but many of the words are similar enough to Swedish I pick up some of them – and the missing pieces just server to get my mind wandering.

Emma’s Story

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