The Joy and Pleasure of New Ideas

My shoulder and arm and neck hurts. I’ve been to the physiotherapist again. It’s all good though. I’ll deal.

What’s less good is that the pain keeps me from writing as much as I want. I got an idea, which is actually several ideas, that really appeals to me and that I’d really like to explore a bit more.

It’s about short stories.

Someone presented the idea of releasing short stories for cheap (like 99 cents), and then releasing them as a compilation with all the stories and a few extra as a bonus. This in itself is an interesting idea. It might work, and it probably does work for at least some people. I’m not sure that’s exactly what I’ll do though.

Instead, what I’d like to do is write and release a number of short stories in support of my novel. Throughout the novel, references are made to unrelated incidents that people have hear of or taken part in. These events are not relevant to the story other than to add depth to the characters and the world. The reader isn’t required to understand the incidents or know what actually happened. They’re just a little bit of added flavour.

They’re still interesting events though, and they could be stories on their own.

What if I wrote a number of short stories and released them before the novel. It’d get potential readers interested in the main story and it’d ease them into the world I’ve created in easily accessible bite-sized chunks. That would be cool.

However, what would be even cooler is the effect the stories would have on the reader when they read the novel. They’d hear a character mention an event and they might recognise it and can go “Ooh, haha, I remember that.” I think that would be a really neat thing to do. I think it could further increase reader immersion into the story, which is really what I’m about – immersion.

I’m not too concerned with having to tell a certain story. I’m more interested in providing the reader a pleasant escapist reading experience. I want them to feel like they’d want the world would be real so they could go visit it.

I think having the reader knowing little details of the backstory might help with that.

The Joy and Pleasure of New Ideas

One thought on “The Joy and Pleasure of New Ideas

  1. BronzeOracle says:

    I think it is a great idea Svrtnesse – introducing readers to your world and characters! They can ‘sample’ your story to gauge their interest and then as fans experience the full novel and enjoy seeing elements of the shorts within it. This is more in line with modern media approaches, like the extras in a DVD/Blu-ray or DLCs for games. JK Rowling has done it with Pottermore. Why not with short stories as a prelude? Bravo.

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