A Change Is Coming

Tomorrow is the official start of my new shift.

I’ve already done the early start twice, but it’s not until tomorrow that I get to start with the new team, new managers, and new working hours. For the first time in about ten years I’ll work regular eight-hour days and have a two-day weekend. Previously I worked ten-hour days and had three days of weekend, and before that I lived in France, where the working week is just thirty five hours, so I only worked seven hours a day.

I’m looking forward to the change.

My hope and intent is that I’ll be able to use the two extra hours of free time each day to write. I’m not sure how realistic that is, but since I’m already in the habit of writing at least a little once a day, it shouldn’t be impossible. I should get something done at least.

Wish me luck. :)

The song isn’t specifically related to the above. It’s just a beautiful piece of music to symbolize I’m happy with how my life is at the moment.

A Change Is Coming

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