The Unfair Benefits Of Stupid Injuries

I have a really stupid shoulder injury.

Two years ago, we went bowling with my team at work. I’m not particularly good at bowling, and I never have been. The whole hand-eye coordination thing really isn’t a strength of mine. Whether it’s throwing or kicking or hitting things, it just doesn’t work out very well for me – not even in computer games.

I’m pretty good at drinking beer though, or, well, I’ve had a lot of practice, and I quite enjoy it. One of the side effects of drinking beer is that I can get a little bit competitive – I’m sure that’s not just me.

At the bowling alley, where I couldn’t hit the pins, the displays above the lanes showed how fast you threw the ball. So in order to score high on something at least, I focused on throwing the ball as fast as I could. I threw very fast – probably faster than anyone else there. I was very good.

The day after, my shoulder hurt.

The day after that, my shoulder still hurt.

Today, two years later, it hurts again.

For a while after it happened I went to a physiotherapist. I didn’t go right away though, I thought my shoulder would heal back on its own, but it didn’t, so eventually I went to a doctor. The doctor suggested physiotherapy and after a while, I finally got around to going to one.

It took them a few months to get my shoulder back to sort of normal and I was able to work and function normally without any significant, or even noticeable, pain.

Then I discovered that certain types of computer games are really bad for my poor shoulder. The kind of games where you’re constantly on the alert and constantly grabbing the mouse as hard as you can in order to keep up with everything that’s going on.

My shoulder didn’t like that at all.

So, back to the physiotherapist, and stop playing those games. There are plenty of other games I can play instead where I don’t physically break myself playing them.

This time it only took the physio two or three sessions to fix me up. Nothing big. They knew what was wrong, I knew what was wrong. Squeeze the juices out of the arm and shoulder a few times and then it’s back to normal.

Until now…

Stupidly, I got caught up in that game again. I thought I’d be fine, as my shoulder felt fine and I thought I’d be back to normal. I now guess I’ll never recover fully from this injury. It’s what I get for being drunk and stupid. Then again, if that’s all I get for all the drunk and all the stupid I’ve been, I’m getting off the hook rather easy I’d say.

Anyway, off to the physio again. Squeeze the arm into action again (I still have bruises from the session last Wednesday). No more game – ever. Everything will be fine.

Except, I can be stupid when I’m sober too.

The day after the physio session I went first to a spinning class and then to my weekly DDP Yoga class. My shoulder really didn’t like that at all. I somehow put too much stress on the arm and shoulder, and it all got worse. Yesterday, I went home from work after just half the day because working on the computer hurt too much. I told my boss I also wouldn’t be in today and made sure to book another appointment with the physiotherapist.

Today I went to the physio again, got my arm and shoulder bent and twisted and squeezed. I also got told not to spend too much time on the computer (yes, I know, I’ll be done soon). My therapist also advised me not to go to either spinning or yoga class this week, but she suggested running or walking might be a good idea.

So I did.

On my day that I took off from work due to not being fit to perform my duties I went on a stroll through the countryside. The weather today was absolutely amazing. I even have a bit of a farmer’s tan already.

It just felt really weird to be out in the sunshine enjoying myself on what’s normally supposed to be a work day. I wasn’t exerting my arm though, and my therapist did say going for a walk would be good. Even so, it did feel a bit like cheating, especially thinking about my poor colleagues back at the office.

2015-04-07 14.18.26  2015-04-07 14.14.12 2015-04-07 14.10.28 2015-04-07 15.00.26 2015-04-07 13.58.222015-04-07 13.49.08

Finally, I got back home again, sat around doing nothing much for a few hours and then decided I had to do something – so I went for another walk. The afternoon had already begun to give way for evening and by the time I was back in Cork two hours later, it was full dark. I did get this picture of the enormous old asylum up by the river though.

2015-04-07 21.56.49

You see all those pointy things sticking up above the trees. They’re all on the same building.

Now, that’s enough time on the computer for now. Time to do something else and then sleep.

The Unfair Benefits Of Stupid Injuries

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