Alene, You’re Different – Again

I received some really good, and unexpected, feedback on the story I wrote.

You’ve probably heard something said at some point about how adaptable we humans are. We can get used to pretty much anything if we have to. We adapt to our surroundings – or to our situation. People learn to live with their issues.

It was pointed out to me that this would apply to Alene as well, and of course it would.

Sure, being a therianthrope, with an animal aspect that’s slowly driving you towards inevitable insanity is a terrible burden to bear, but bear it she does. The insane inner beast will eventually become familiar, even if it’s not welcome. She’ll get used to it and she’ll learn to deal with having it there.

Alene knows she’ll eventually become mad enough she’ll have to be put down. It’s a knowledge she’s living with every minute of every hour of every day. She can’t keep fretting about it all the time or she’ll never get anything done – it’d probably just driver her mad even faster.

I’d completely missed this, and getting it pointed out was a bit of a revelation.


An old favourite of mine, from back in my university days, from one of my favourite bands.

Alene, You’re Different – Again

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