Restarting the Story

I scrapped what I’d written and started over from scratch.

I’m still using the same character, in the same location, in the same predicament. It’s a good enough idea, I just didn’t get it right when I just started writing without having thought it through properly.

Basically, Alene wakes up in a strange new bed without any idea of how she’s gotten there.

That’s how it starts. The story will be about her thoughts and worries as she tries to remember what happened and where she is. I can sort of relate to the situation. All too many times have I woken up (in my own bed) wondering what happened with the night and how I got home and was I an asshole to anyone?

It’s an awful situation to be in even if it’s your own bed.

Admittedly, I haven’t actually experienced waking up in someone else’s bed without remembering how I got there. Then again, that’s probably not something I should complain about. I guess it’s one of those experiences you don’t really appreciate until you’re too old for there to be any risk of it happening again.

Anyway, it’s almost certainly a crappy situation to be in. On top of that, I believe men and women would experience the situation differently – kind of in the same way men and women may perceive the word used differently.

You get it? That’s the situation.

Then again, it’s also a fantasy story, and Alene’s a therianthrope. She’s not just worried that someone else might have used her drunken state to take advantage of her. She’s also worried she might have lost control of her inner beast and hurt someone. Either is an option. It could have happened.

Did she go home with someone to have a good time, or did she run away to hide somewhere – after having done something really bad?

Restarting the Story

4 thoughts on “Restarting the Story

    1. Deadline for the challenge is on Sunday. I should be able to pull it off though. Sometimes things will need to take their time and ripen. Other times you’ll just have to force them out or they’ll never get done.
      Still, there’s a lot of story around this particular incident, both before and after, that could be told. That’s a tale for some other time though. ;)

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