Fresh Air And Stuff

Today I didn’t write a single word.

That is, after I woke up this morning I didn’t write a single word on my story – or on the outline of the story, or of the dialogue plan for the story. Instead, me and my friend J took the train to Killarney and walked around Muckross Lake.2015-03-26 11.17.07The weather wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it was far better than yesterday, and all in all we had a great day. Walking from the train station, around the lake, and back again, took about five hours – including stops for coffee and sandwiches.

It’s still fairly early in spring here, even if spring has definitely come, and a lot of the vegetation had only just started recovering from the winter past. I imagine that in a few months the area will be very beautiful, and we’re definitely coming back again some time during summer.

2015-03-26 14.21.32 2015-03-26 11.30.45 2015-03-26 13.21.38 2015-03-26 11.30.20 2015-03-26 13.56.52 2015-03-26 11.58.34

Once back in Cork I had a little less than an hour before I had to take off to get to the yoga class (DDP Yoga). I missed class the last two weeks, and I’d told my friend who runs the class I’d definitely go – and I like to try to stay true to my word. I have to admit I kind of hoped he’d say class would be cancelled though.

Fresh air and sunlight may be good for you, but spending all day walking around in it wears you out.

After the yoga, I’d promised some other friends (two old colleagues I don’t see much of these days) I’d be gaming with them. I’d forgotten all about that, but they kindly reminded me. Finally, a little past midnight, I’m done with all the things I’d planned to do, or promised to do, and I’m absolutely beat.

Now, I’m going to sit down with my laptop, stare at it for a bit, and see if something gets written. I doubt it will, but at least I’ll be spending some time with my story – even if it’s just ten to twenty minutes.

Then, I’m gonna sleep til’ I fall over…

2015-03-26 13.34.37

Fresh Air And Stuff

2 thoughts on “Fresh Air And Stuff

  1. I know what you mean. That pleasant exhaustion, when you’ve got all those steps behind you and you finally get to sit down and not have to move again.
    I think we both fell asleep on the train back home.

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