Harry Potter versus Tiffany Aching

So I went and asked a hypothetical question:

Who would win in a battle between Harry Potter and Tiffany Aching?

It seems to me, that in a fair fight where the outcome depends only on magical power and skill, Harry Potter would be the winner.

The keyword here is fair fight (keywords, are). I can’t see Tiffany Aching getting into a fair fight with Harry Potter – or with anyone else for that matter. Sure, she’d end up in situations where she’d have to get into a fight, but it probably wouldn’t end up being a fair one. I’m not saying Tiffany Aching would cheat, but there are things such as creative interpretation of rules, and being prepared. I can definitely see Tiffany Aching making use of both of those.

I’m less convinced Harry Potter would. He’d definitely be prepared – both mentally and physically. He might even have an ace up his sleeve, but Tiffany Aching would too, and her ace would be acer. That’s just who she is.

Yes, I’m biased. I much prefer Tiffany Aching to Harry Potter, so I hope (and think), she’d come out on top. What do you think?

Harry Potter versus Tiffany Aching

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