Today I learned…

…that giving flowers to women on International Women’s day is a pretty big thing in some countries (mostly eastern Europe it seems). I’m not sure how I feel about that.

To me, giving flowers to women seem rather contrary to what the day is about, but apparently it’s the expected thing to do in some places. I think that what fascinates me about this is what a striking example it is of cultural differences. Where I’m from, International Women’s Day is a symbol for the struggle for equality and women’s rights. In other places it’s something completely different.

I posted a comment about it on my facebook page (Giving women flowers on International Women’s day – is that really a thing?) and got some interesting responses:

From a Swedish friend:

I see it as a misinerpretation of what this day really means. I prefer to buy my boyfriend flowers instead, to celebrate our equality and my financial independence

From a Russian friend:

In Russia it’s very important. More than Valentine’s day and Christmas. If you didn’t get a flower on this day, probably you are not a woman. Or all those guys around you are not men. We don’t celebrate mother’s day though..

From another Swedish friend:

I hope not… I really don’t feel like being congratulated for still earning less money, having less influence and being referred to as “the weaker sex”. Shove those flowers somewhere dark and fight for equality instead please.

[edit: missing link removed]

I’m finding it rather fascinating. I won’t be giving anyone any flowers today, but I might draw someone a picture of a flower and mail it to them tomorrow, if I still feel like it.

Today I learned…

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