It’s time to kick this blog to life again.

It’s been nearly four years since I last posted anything here and a lot has changed since then. I stopped focusing on the world building and went and wrote a novel instead. It’s not done yet, but I’ve finished the first draft and I’ve made it available online for people to read and give feedback. You can download it here.

I’ve already have two people finish it (thanks) and a few others are sending in comments at regular intervals. It’s very encouraging.

In the meantime I’ve started working on another story – which will probably take place over two different novels. I’m currently tinkering with the outline of one of these novels and I’m writing a flash fiction series about one of the main characters (Alene) in order to get to know her a little better.

The flash fiction is being put up on wattpad as I write it. It’s not any kind of polished, but maybe it’ll drive the occasional reader to Enar’s Vacation which is also available there.

I’m starting up the blog again to have somewhere to share my thoughts and experiences when it comes to my writing. From what I hear it’s nice to have some content on the blog so visitors can see what you’re writing etc, so for now I won’t be pushing the updates on anyone, but rather just post things so there’s something here.

That said, the admin pages tells me I have one follower already, so that’s a start at least.


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