On the colours of dragons

I’ll just noted down what the different colors of dragons mean.

  • Red – rage and destruction
  • Black – death and fear
  • Black – sorrow (yes, there are different types of black dragons, more about that at some other point)
  • Gold – joy and celebration
  • Yellow – anticipation
  • White – peace
  • Grey – despair and depression
  • Green – discomfort

There may be more colors of dragons but the above ones are the only ones currently known. White dragons are the rarest ones. There are currently no known Whites in existence and records only mention a handful of appearances throughout known history.

Dragons are created when large groups of people share the same emotions, either very intensely or over an extended period of time. More on this later.

On the colours of dragons

2 thoughts on “On the colours of dragons

  1. So, dragons, where do they come from?
    In this world, dragons are closely tied to emotions. When a large group of people experience the same emotion very intensely or for an extended period of time a dragon may mainfest.
    The exact process is unknown but suject to research. The current theory is that the emotions mingle with the Aether (magic) and that this eventually results in a dragon being brought into existence.
    The size and power of the dragon is dependant on the amount of people and the intensity of their emotion. Happy people at a big rock concert (think a massive stadium/arena full of people) might result in a little golden dragon appearing over the area.
    For larger dragons more people or more time is required. A large city suffering a massive earthquake is likely to result in a large black dragon of the death/fear variety. Depending on the severity of the earthquake and the number of deaths caused by it (and the dragon) a black dragon of sorrow my appear in the aftermath of the quake.
    In times of strife, like economic depression or recession, grey dragons may start forming over larger cities. If the recession is especially bad and goes on for an extended period of time even smaller cities and towns may cause grey dragons to appear.

  2. Once spawned, most dragons don’t exist for long. Smaller dragons often just flicker out and disappear after the emotions that caused them die out.
    Larger dragons are able to exist longer after the events that caused them. This can be due to them causing enough destruction and suffering to sustain the emotions that spawned them. Another option is that the forces that spawned the dragon were great enough to also give it a personality and a consiousness. When this happens the dragon is no longer simply a mindless force of nature, but a sentient being. It will start looking after itself in order to sustain its newfound life.

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