The origin of the dwarf

I’m just copying something I wrote a few days ago, just to get it out there. This is about what dwarves really are:

So, dwarves…
I was thinking the dwarves as we know them, short stout and with big beards, are really the fruits of some gigantic subterranean mountain fungus.
The spores/seeds the fungus needs in order to feed and breed is part of the rock that makes up the mountain. As the dwarfs keep digging tunnels they stir up all kinds of dust, which will include the spores the fungus needs.
Occasionally the beards are saturated and the dwarfs bring their beards back to the huge underground chamber where the central fungus lives in order to feed it.
When dwarfs leave their underground dig sites to visit the outer world they tend to braid their beards in order to avoid picking up to much alien dust from their foreign surroundings.

The origin of the dwarf

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